Full Node Desktop Wallet

A heavy wallet that downloads the entire blockchain.
Perfect for people who run nodes or people with powerful computers and fast Internet networks.

Electrum Desktop Wallet

A light wallet that doesn’t download the entire blockchain.
Very user-friendly and easy to use, it is perfect for novice users or those who want to save storage space by downloading a lighter wallet.

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

A very light mobile phone wallet.
Available on iOS and Android, it takes very little space and is perfect for those who want to remain in control of their BTCP while on the go.

Paper Wallet

The old-fashioned way of storing your BTCP. It keeps your public addresses and private keys on a piece of paper, and you will need to import your private key into one of the 3 other wallets to be able to spend your BTCP.
Perfect for old-school crypto users who like to play it safe and keep their BTCP securely stored on a piece of paper inside a safe.

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